An R package for easy reproducible research

exreport has been conceived to obtain robust and transparent reproducibility when developing scientific publishable results. Describe your experiments and your analysis in an exreport script and reproduce publish-ready descriptive statistics, tables, plots and many more with a single click.

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Made for Researchers by Researchers

This projects was started as an utility collection of useful tools and scripts developed by a group of PhD students, to agilize and enhacing the process of publishing scientific papers. Later on, motivated by the utility of the toolbox the project was enriched by proposing a methodology aiming for a total reproducibility of the results and error free research.

We believe in the potential of this toolbox and wish that it would serve to others in the same situation and is our desire to share it with the community. Please check the get started and examples sections to check it this package can be useful for your work.

Download and Install

An stable version of exreport can be found on the CRAN repository, download it with:

# install_package("exreport")

The latest development version of the project is also hosted on github so you can add it to your R installation via the devtools package.

# install_package("devtools")

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Please visit the github repository to know more about the project and help us maintain it clean of bugs and errors via issues. Collaborate with us requesting new functionalities or adding them yourself via pull-requests.

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Any help or feedback is welcomed!

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  • 20/11/2015 - exreport now on CRAN
  • 22/10/2015 - exreport 0.4 is online
  • 27/09/2015 - exreport 0.3 is online
  • 10/06/2015 - exreport 0.1 is online