Road Map

exreport 1.0

Our aim is to refurbish the API of the package to change the workflow to follow a piping strategy one "à la magrittr". We are also working on several huge improvements on the inner workings of the package.

50% Complete

Web interface

The next step in the exreport life would be a fully functional web interface which will guide you through the process of generating your report. In the future you would be able to reload the script with new data and repeat the experiment.

Perfect for people not willing to deal with R. Stay tunned.

25% Complete

Visit our github repository for the latests ongoing changes to exreport. In addition you can watch the next improvements and bugs correction in the issue tracker. Do not hesitate to propose anything by yourself.

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Change Log

exreport beta 0.4 22/10/2015

  • The HTML rendering has been improved in style and functionality.
  • Other minor bugs fixes.

exreport beta 0.3 27/09/2015

  • The PDF rendering functionality has been added
  • Other minor bugs fixes.

exreport beta 0.1 10/06/2015

  • Initial Release.