Remove duplicated rows from an experiment


expRemoveDuplicated(e, tol = 1e-09)


The experiment to be analised
The tolerance for numeric values to check if two outputs are numerically equal or not.


an experiment object


This function removes duplicated rows of a given experiment attending to the interaction of methods, problems and parameters (but no outputs).


The duplicated rows found are compared among themselves to determine if there is divergence between the outputs, if the rows are not consistent a warning is raised to note this difference.


# We duplicate some of the rows of a given experiment: e <- expCreate(wekaExperiment, parameters="fold", name="Test Experiment") redundant <- expCreate(wekaExperiment[wekaExperiment$method=="NaiveBayes",], parameters="fold", name="Test Experiment") e2 <- expConcat(e,redundant)
Warning message: 300 duplicated rows. 0 differ in the outputs (using a tolerance of 1.0000e-09 to compare the outputs)
# Now we remove those duplicates: expRemoveDuplicated(e2)
Warning message: 300 duplicated rows has been removed
#Experiment name: Test Experiment+Test Experiment #method: J48, NaiveBayes, OneR, RandomForest #problem: anneal, audiology, balance-scale, car, glass, horsecolic, hypothyroid, ionosphere, liver-disorders, lymph, primary-tumor, soybean, vehicle, vote, vowel #parameters: *) featureSelection [no,yes] *) fold [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9] #outputs: accuracy, trainingTime

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